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Maxine Rosenfield

BSc. Grad Dip Couns, Dip Training and Learning Development

Registered member PACFA, Clincial member CAPA NSW

Northern Beaches and by phone or Skype


All of us have times in our lives when we feel that life is too much of a challenge and all things seem difficult. It may be difficult to find your way out, or change direction. Possibly you do not know what to do as this is a new experience for you. Times like this can feel confusing, even frightening. You may be asking yourself what is happening to me?
Why is this happening in my life? For some, it can be an all too familiar pattern. It happens again and again and you start to wonder if: is this my fault?
Maybe you think it is just the way you are and there is nothing you can do. Or there may have been a specific event that has caused you to feel unable to cope.

Who says that you have to cope all of the time?
Sometimes we just need the time and space to be heard. Now and again we need help to clarify our own thoughts. Occasionally the past can simply overtake any chance for a future. At times, even if you’ve already spoken to a doctor and received treatment, medication alone doesn’t solve the problem.

This is where counselling or psychotherapy can help.
Seeing a counsellor gives you the chance to share the problem with someone who can provide a caring and safe environment in which to explore your options. Seeking help from a counsellor is not a sign of weakness or an admission of failure. It’s actually the opposite. It’s a sign that you have the strength and good sense to get help when you most need it.

  • Supervision, Training and Consultancy are available for indiviudals, for people working in non government organisations, charities and not for profit services.  


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